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Support my walk for kids facing cancer.

Every month in Australia, 88 children are diagnosed with cancer. 

For those families, their lives are changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

This June, I am taking part in the Heartbreak to Hope Walk to raise funds for Redkite to provide emotional, financial and practical support and care to families facing childhood cancer.

Please sponsor me by making a donation to support my walk. 

Together, we can show these children and their families that they don't have to face cancer alone and support them as they face the toughest time of their lives.

Thank you.

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Sunday 2nd Jun
Helen Keller said “the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.”  She knew both. Every day in Australia three families receive the devastating news that a child has cancer. At the same time another three people raise their hand to say “how can I help?” 

Look for the helpers. Thousands of people line up in the rain to see if they are a donor match for a rare bone cancer patient. Dozens of classmates shave their heads to remind their friend battling cancer that she isn’t alone. Parents relocate to be within reach of a specialist treatment centre, putting their own lives on hold. 

I’m one of the fortunate ones. No major health concerns for me or my family. You might be like me. Those of us in this fortunate position need to be the helpers with our hands up saying “how can I help?”  

I’m walking 100kms for kids with cancer this June. It’s a small thing. But it’s something. I’m asking you to be part of overcoming suffering. Sponsor me or get involved and walk yourself. Every bit, every person, every act of kindness is part of the overcoming. It makes a difference. 

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Michael Madigan

great work guys


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Well done Ian and the RedKite team!!


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I hope your dogs can walk that far, too.


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Making sure you stay on top of that leader board, Ian!!


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Woohoo... you got this boss!!


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Well done mate. You’re absolute legends.


Nina Morales

I wish I could donate more, Ian. As a mum I find stories of childhood cancer really, really hard to read. There is this instinct to scroll past, ignore, because facing the reality that this is life for some children and their families is just too much. It feels way too unfair and the thought alone is terrifying. Thanks for your efforts and I wish you success on this walk.


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Alfred Clarke

Good on you matey!


Leah Wells

You go, guy! Thank you for your efforts. They make a difference!

I am walking 100km for kids facing cancer